Sunday, March 18, 2007

Roulette of Life and Essence

"Life is one big game" isn't a cliche for no reason. To be more accurate, life is one big gamble -- with risks taking the form of the choices and decisions we take. Just like in gambling, we take our chances in cards, numbers, suits or combinations that we think will win us the jackpot. In life's case, we choose to be with the people that we think will give us the happiness we've always yearned for. We take our chances in them.

Admittedly, it is a pretty scary concept giving one's self to another person 100% with absolutely no reservations. After all, the bigger the stakes, the bigger the returns. Winners are always the riskiest people. Choosing to expose ourselves to such situations allows us to run the risk of getting hit squarely in the face by life's wooden paddle -- repeatedly at that. Many of us jaded ones always ask: what is the sodding point?

Seriously, it is like voluntarily crouching on the ground stark naked and utterly defenseless -- and inviting kicks and beatings by those whom you love the most. Again, what is the sodding point?

True, we stand to lose a lot whenever we put ourselves out there in our most vulnerable state. However, isn't the opposite true as well? That we stand to gain so much more by doing the same? See, we can't always be playing it safe because we will just end up losing everything in the end. By putting ourselves in a position that can potentially fuck us upside down, it also means that a part of us has faith that it won't happen. And this stems from the faith we put on those people we care about. We pray hard that they will not be relentlessly kicking us in the balls in the event that they catch us at a bad time.

That gargantuan 4-letter word that we all know about: LOVE. Allowing ourselves to feel that is likened to driving a vehicle with a blindfold on. It is silly -- yet it never stops us from doing it. Why, you ask? Same reason as above. It is because we bank on those risks that we think will yield high returns. Loving someone and completely opening yourself up to someone can either leave you terribly hurt -- or unbelievably happy. Simple as that. Sure, it seems a bit more complex than that in real life, but bottomline, falling in love only produces 2 results: extreme happiness and extreme sadness. Nothing in between, unfortunately.

We always get our turn spinning the roulette of life and its very essence. And every time we do so, we hope against all hope that we've made the correct choice. And we stand back watching life unfold in front of us and waiting to find out if we have indeed made the right decision. Every time we are given a chance to do so, we seek inspiration from our instincts. It's never an exact science -- hence, the reason why it's a gamble. We win some, we lose some. And every time we lose, we always stand to gain a lesson... so it's never really losing.

We won't be able to gain, when we don't lose out. We only start learning when we begin making mistakes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't help but think 'hmm!' to this. :-)

6:47 AM  
Blogger alpine path said...

Very interesting observation! And, what is a sodding point, btw?

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This really makes you think.....

12:42 PM  

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