Thursday, February 15, 2007

Measure Of A Man

I fully subscribe to the theory that everyone is either underpaid or overpaid. Seriously. Regardless how good or bad your professional history is, you fall under either category. Unfortunately, that's how life works.

I, of course, feel that I'm the former. Not because I'm a bitter struggling professional but because it's true! In the few years that I've worked, I never felt that I'm earning enough. I always have to struggle to make ends meet... and I always feel broke. My bank account numbers always look sad. Then again, isn't that the quintessential mentality and way of life? I know, I know, I'm just starting out yada yada but with the amount of work I do, I always feel that I should be compensated more. I also am aware that it doesn't help that I work for a company that doesn't acknowledge their employees' hard work and significant contributions.

Whinging aside, I know I could be worse off. My rant regarding this subject matter can be endless but at the end of the day, I know that I'm still fine. I can still afford to be well-fed, to house and clothe myself, and I still have a little bit left to shop here and there. It just takes some discipline (and a lot of will-power). And no matter how little I earn, I still have the abovementioned. I guess that's more than enough. It's just my arrogance and unstroked ego that talks most of the time. We can't always compare ourselves to other people... because there will always be someone who's better off. Even though it's perfectly human to desire something that's not currently within your possession... it can also have a negative effect on how you run your life. I've to learn how to be contented. I've to learn to appreciate what I have instead of moan and groan about what I don't have. Admittedly though, it's quite fun to do that sometimes.

I guess today I realized that money is not the measure of a person (though people have this common misconception may it be conscious or not). As a matter of fact, it's his/her attitude towards money. I am currently in a society where people treat money as a the sole object of their lives. If only it's not horribly wrong to worship money, there would be millions of temples out there dedicated to it. And I simply refuse to be one of them. Sure, it gives me ephemeral pleasures in life... but I know enough that money alone will not make me happy. And this I can say most confidently.

As I frequently say: it's just money, it can be earned. Love, friendship and courage cannot be earned. And I'd rather have those any time.

I don't propagate the lack of ambition but wherever you are in your life, enjoy it and make the most out of it at least. Trust me, that will make getting onto the next step more gracious.


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