Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wonderful Tonight

Every night while I drink my tea, I look out my balcony to watch life unfold in front of me. It's the closest that I get to feeling like deity watching over my creation. Only nothing is my creation. I'm a mere observer.

When I look down from the 10th floor, I see people the size of my pinky running for the bus while yelling in a foreign language (and yet somehow I know they're not-so-nice words), parents trying to keep their children from chasing stray cats, hawkers making an honest living and the like. When I look up, far and beyond, I see the buildings scraping the heavens -- the Singapore skyline. Through the colorful lights that glimmer from these structures, I can almost see overworked and tired executive trying to meet deadlines and targets. I can hear them sigh all the way from my little Chinatown abode.

Opposite spectrums of life and yet the same frustrations in life. Everyone goes through the same things... no matter how much you earn, whether or not you have a leather seat at work or what mode of transportation you take on the way home. We are all here to pass the same trials and obstacles. It's just that we're given different environments to work on.

That's life. And it's beautiful even amidst its ugliest moments because we know we'll get through it one day. In flying colors too. And one day, we'll be up there on some great balcony watching people going through everyday activities just like we once did... and we'll be sipping equally great tea.

Until that happens, I'll settle for my balcony on the 10th floor. Tonight though... tonight is a wonderful night to watch life yet again. With my apple crumble tea.


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