Wednesday, January 10, 2007

People Person

If anyone gave me a penny -- no, half a penny! -- for every time I hear that statement "I'm a people person," no doubt I would not have to slave over a 12-hour job that pays peanut shells (yes, not even peanuts). Let's get serious. By saying that, does it automatically bring you one caliber up the coolness ladder? Sure, that kind of bollocks works for interviews and such... or so we think. I'm sure that employers/interviewers have a little part on their wall where they mark every time a candidate says "I'm a people person!" And after every 10 marks or so, they stab themselves repeatedly for 2 minutes... and then the cycle goes on. I have to admit, perhaps there is a reason why HR people always look so disgruntled.

So, how does being a "people person" make one supposedly better? I mean, sure, you like people. Like you have a choice? They're bloody everywhere! Even if you hate people (*ahem* like me, especially in the mornings where I still haven't had caffeine), there is just no beating them at the game. After all, there's just one of you. And those upbeat uber-perky people that just ooze with cheerfulness when they meet other people... they're scary. How can they be "people persons" if all the other people are scared of them?

Sarcasm aside though, of course I do have a (vague) concept of what a "people person" really is. They are those cool people who just happen to get along with anyone you pair them up with. I've met that rare breed... those that never get mad, frustrated or angry even when they're with the most annoying people on earth. Then again, I wouldn't think they're "people persons." I would think more along the lines of martyrs and masochists (saints too). I think it takes a lot to be able to get along with people from different walks of life. It actually takes effort. Been with a person where it's like pulling teeth when having a conversation with them? Yeah well, I usually give up on people like that -- that's what iPods are for. However, I've actually seen people who effortlessly manage to bring out the animation of people like that. Miracle workers, no?

I wish I can be like that. Sure, I can get along with a lot of other people. It's just that my condition is: they have to put in the same effort that I put with them. There's no way I'm travelling down that one way street. No way, compadre. Life's too short to antagonize yourself like that. I do realize though that I need more patience when dealing with people... as I do know I'm not exactly the most lovable person to be with at certain times (*ahem* PMS *ahem*). I don't want to be a sad git without friends.

People persons -- can we just stop calling it that? What's wrong with plain old friendly and approachable? Does everything have to be so, I don't know, corporate-ized? I bet you that whomever coined that phrase is someone from some sort of psychological field. Labels, they love that. It's kind of hard to reverse it though. It's like a plague... everyone has it already, everyone's using it already. So perhaps I should just give it up and just enjoy these so-called "people persons."

Where do they all hang out? Hmmm.


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