Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Slash and Burn

As I get older, it becomes more and more evident that you can trust no one -- at all! You get burned once, you get burned twice, three times, then four, then maybe five, trust me, it will be endless. Trusting someone is like waiting to win the lottery: useless and disappointing.

It's no wonder that people get more cynical and bitter as time goes by... is there any reason why they shouldn't? Naiveity is a gift. It's a gift that we all lose at one point in our lives. And what I don't get is, why were we all in such a rush to lose it when we were younger? In hindsight, I would've held onto it as long as I could've because I grew to learn that it will never come back. Sure, you're smarter, more mature, more learned... but what good is that when your outlook in life is more gray and drab than it isn't? Realistic? Isn't that dangerously similar to pessimistic?

It's marvelous to be able to trust someone -- until he/she turns around and wave the biggest piece of blade you've ever seen in your life and started slashing and stabbing you like crazy. Love it, love it when that happens. Isn't it too tempting to pick yourself up all bloody and gutted, dust yourself off... and go somewhere where people don't exist because at that point, it seems like everyone is the same piece of scum anyway.

I don't like having a point of view this skewed. It's borderline depressing. What can you do though? You've accepted that life isn't a bed of roses... but it doesn't mean you've to lay on a bed of thorns.



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