Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ground Hog New Year

I'm a generally optimistic person only peppered with a certain sense of realism so pardon me if this comes out as a tad bit cynical. New Year's Day -- something that occurs a little too frequently, don't you reckon? Every year we have it, and every year, we try to make the same changes that could have been made last year, or even the year before that. Funny, isn't it, that we usually wait for some kind of milestone before we are coerced to rethink our lives. Then again, even with this method, I somehow still end up being more or less the same person that I was last year. Subconsciously, at least.

Let's try to make this year different, shall we? Humor me on this one.

I love lists, I'm a list-y person. I find satisfaction on being able to cross out items on my list (or in my to-do lists, pushing it off to the next day). So voila, my attempt at a New Year's Resolution List for 2007:

1) Travel

As often as you can, as tired as you can get. Sure, they may be that little tiny baby glitch that one calls "money" but seriously, if not now, when? You can save for other more substantial things (ie. a condo, a car, pension, whatever!) later on because one thing I can say: all these other things will stay put, but time won't.

2) Balance

Easier said than done really. Finding the ultimate balance between one's personal life and work can be a tall order especially for me. I seriously put in about 12 hours of my daily life to work (though I wish I was exaggerating)... when exactly can I enjoy the rest of my life? Perhaps I can find a way to still look gorgeous and fresh with only 2 hours of sleep trailing behind me, then I will be all set!

3) Read

Going to Borders and Kinokuniya, and stocking up on books DO NOT count as reading. Dig through the pile and get lost in the world you once thoroughly enjoyed. Refer to #2 on the list.

4) Food Adventures

Eat more new things, try out more cuisines that you've never tried before. The more exotic, the better -- puffer fish (Japanese), cow lungs (Malaysian), blood sausages (English)... And try not to wash it down with too much water this time. Oh, and try to do something about that anti-spicy food tongue you've got.

5) Write

Never stop, keep on writing! You can never write too much...

Hmmm, whaddya say about that? Not too shabby for a first and seemingly simple too. However, it all boils down to: Can I really fulfill all those? I would think that a hit rate of 1 out of 5 isn't too bad, right? Well, I do have 365 days to do it. We'll find out.


Blogger megsy13 said...

my plan is to eat drink and bemerry... u neverknow when u'll die!

1:13 PM  
Blogger mathew said...

i was reading your blog entries...your writing comes very if talkin to yourself..

10:38 PM  
Blogger witnwisdumb said...

Unusual first post, I must say. Most people have a "hello world" or "here goes nothing" sort of post. Heh. Your list of resolutions are very interesting though. Most lists have things like, "brush teeth twice a day". Wonder how resolute you were about 'em :P

9:53 PM  

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