Thursday, December 06, 2007

Auf Wiedersen 2007!

I'm still having a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that another year will be coming to a close in a few weeks' time. It seems like the years are getting shorter every year -- and I find it even more frustrating that I cannot seem to do anything about it.

Looking back into 2007, with the aid of this blog's archives, it never occurred to me just how much has happened within a span of twelve months. Exactly this time last year, I was getting ready to travel to San Francisco where I celebrated Christmas with my family. In a couple of weeks, I will be taking a flight to my original home in Manila where we will be spending Christmas with my grandma whom I haven't seen in a while. It will be the first year that my brother wouldn't be with us as he needs to stay back in Boston for work purposes. I have realized how small the world really is with my family scattered all over it. I thank God for allowing us to overcome all geographical obstacles. But at the same time, it seems very big especially in times when I'm feeling particularly small.

It has been another year filled with milestones. I managed to maintain a record of my thoughts (of sorts, at least) as Princess Banter will be having her first birthday soon -- hear hear! I was able to travel to cities -- both old and new -- and formed wonderful memories from these trips. As for friends, I may not have gained that much more, but I have certainly realized whom the true ones are and who will run the race with me through and through. And I am certain that there will be more curbs and bumps to anticipate but I have reason to believe that we will make it to the end.

I grew up a lot this entire year. I sure hope I did -- after all, I'm officially in my late twenties *cringe* Thank you to everyone who have been patient enough with me and who have been accompanying me in my roller coaster of thoughts and musings. I hope you enjoyed the ride. I, of course, intend to carry on into 2008... into 2009... and the next years to come. I do hope that you'd still be with me then.

For now, I will be closing the first chapter inside the head of Princess Banter. I am joining everyone in the holiday madness that we participate in every single year. I will be back in January as we welcome the new year. Though I am sure that changes will be in order (as they changes can be good, too, sometimes), I am fairly certain that I will still be the same person that started writing here exactly a year ago.

I think I will do something different next year. I will not make any resolutions for a few obvious reasons -- and also because I want to believe that changes and pure intentions need not only take place when a new year enters the calendar. It had been another good year, I would have to say, despite all my gripes that it seemingly is the "same shit, different day." Thank you, Stephen King, for being brilliant enough to articulate that :) Truly!

I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a tremendously prosperous New Year.

May everyone enjoy their new canvass in life -- and may we all learn to live with (and perhaps forgive) the past drawings that still haunt us up until this day. May we keep on creating new drawings that we can peruse later on with a twinkle in our eyes and an enigmatic bite on our lower lips.