Friday, May 30, 2008

The Princess Is (Back) In

My apologies, truly, for my unannounced (and unexpected) hiatus. 2008 has sprung so much surprises on me that I actually had trouble coping and keeping myself steady. Having said that, my writing has suffered greatly.

This time, I'd like to think that I'm definitely back on track. The waves have more or less died down on me though I still expect a few small ones to roll in (nothing that can't be handled though, pshaw! *winks*). Princess Banter is back armed with more tales and words -- if you still wish to receive them :)

In the meantime... I have:

1) Been sent to stay in a different country which the media doesn't look so kindly upon for an entire month (though I must say it's one of the best countries I've been to)!

2) Made a few good friends (locally and from around the world).

3) Been busy settling in the new job -- the one where the Red Pill led me to.

4) Massively re-acquainted myself with an old love -- MUSIC!

5) More adventures in the pipeline to look forward to.

I hope to see you on the other side! I have missed everyone and everything in cyberland greatly... and my muse, I think she's grown cobwebs already. Time for a fresh bath for her :)