Thursday, April 29, 2010

Schwarz (Black)

What I've always wanted my eyes to be.

My favorite turtleneck which I bought from J. Crew for $9.99 that I still refuse to throw out after twelve years.

The sky during my entire birthday week when I turned fourteen.

Cabs in London.

The onyx bracelet my mum gave me two years ago for year-long luck -- which I broke three days later.

My outfit during my high school graduation dinner at Le Souffle.

Ink in my fountain pen.

The Oasis shirt my brother bought me during my first visit to Tower Records.

My favorite 600-thread count bedspread.


My upright piano that eventually found a new home at the Benedictine Monastery.

That Bebe cardigan which I never wore.

The ice on the road on Route 16 when I got into my first car accident.

Char that I don't like on my steaks.

The forest in my nightmares where I run through with bare feet

My patent leather Mary Janes that has always been too high for me to wear.

Kohl around my eyes.

The blood in the tub of that Alfred Hitchcock movie.

What Africa just isn't.

All fourteen of the Planet Hollywood shirts that I painstakingly collected from all over the world

My mood when I get crossed.

The suit I wore during my first job interview.

The Spanish fan my grandmother always brought to church on Sundays.

My Discman that I used to bring around on road trips as I watched the world pass me by.

The bruise on my thigh after I got spanked for lying when I was in 4th grade.

Darth Vader.

The beret I bought in Paris because my ears were too cold.

The tarnish on my mother's silverware that only I was allowed to clean until I moved out

The only pearls I'd ever wear.

The stage right before the first act opens.

Chanel's little dress that revolutionized fashion.

The sketchbook that I bought as a sign of support and encouragement.

is Beautiful.


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:)wow. .

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