Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's The Little Cracks

Somebody wise told me before that people are no better than Bisque Dolls -- just as fragile and just as breakable. Although it takes quite a bit to completely fragment it, every little crack that it acquires will contribute to it at the end.

As people, we are not strangers to resilience and adversity. It's part of life, after all. An old adage claims that we only become stronger every time we fall but it fails to mention the fact that the strength only stems from the jadedness it comes with. Because of these tribulations, we learn pretty fast to put up walls around us to protect us from getting hurt again -- thereby mistaking it for strength. Perhaps it is strength. The kind of outside strength that we draw energy from while we're still repairing ourselves from deep inside.

There's nothing wrong with keeping the walls around us while we recover. But we must also know when it's time to bring them back down brick by brick.

We're all broken somehow. But what counts is how we mend the cracks -- no matter how long it takes us to do so. Like Bisque dolls, it isn't impossible to put us back together again, but there are certain areas that take a little more time to fix. And while it's impossible to get restored back to our original forms, we make do with what we have and we learn to live with our scars.

And then we will realize that we are just as beautiful despite them.


Blogger Electric Bearbearina said...

I can't agree more!

5:01 PM  
Blogger dilip said...

And many times we will be more beautiful because of those!!

6:05 PM  

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