Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tuktuk Rides, Pork Floss, Friendship, Etc.

It's amazing how I never realized that a decade has already passed since I have lived in the same country as my best friends. Having been a social nomad since my late teens, I have gone to appreciate more and more whatever stable friendships and relationships I had left. About six months ago, upon hearing the news that my best friend is moving back to Asia, my friends and I took advantage of the opportunity on taking on a long overdue girly trip -- which involves a flight to neutral grounds, lots of shopping, lots of good food and cheap expenses.

A trip to Bangkok was then finally booked. It was the only country that fit the bill, after all :)

It wasn't my first time to travel to that fair city, but this trip has got to be part of the "Ten Most Memorable Trips" in my life -- seeing my life flash before me whilst riding a tuktuk (with a driver who was perhaps a struggling F1 race car driver), getting lost in a market amidst the area where they sell animals making strange noises (with a friend going "ohmygod, that rodent-looking one managed to get out of its cage!"), feasting on junk food literally for four days straight which is enough for a medium-sized coronary (and then taking in massive amounts of this nasty fiber drink in an attempt to get rid of the calories we just took in), and battling with cab drivers that wish to extort wealth straight out of your bank account by overcharging for journeys. Oh, and not to mention the overweight luggages.

Yes. Experiences that only make one stronger -- and more scared. Love that!

One of my biggest fears is to grow old and die alone. And I don't mean being single and unmarried for the rest of my life. I don't mind that. But not having anyone to spend the holidays with or not having anyone to call on for help when I have to drag a dead body across the floor, those are what I intensely fear. I used to pray to God to give me more friends so that I may never have to be alone for any moment in my life. Now that I'm slightly older, I'm glad that He chose to ignore my request because I find that I get annoyed and irritated by people more easily. I find people to be more insecure, self-absorbed and self-indulgent as they get older. A lot of them tend to be users as well only looking out for their own benefits and not anyone else's. And some are just plain lunatics (I wish I were exaggerating here). Trust me, these are the last people on earth that I want to hang out with.

Funny enough, I seem to find more and more people like that. They're a dime a dozen! Instinctively, one would assume that adults are more mature and smarter, but you'd be surprised. I've met kids who have better thought processes than some of the older people I've met. This goes to show that there will always be an inner child in all of us -- it's just unfortunate that some people have the mind of a child rather than the heart of a child.

I don't have many friends. As a matter of fact, I can probably count them all within the fingers on my right hand. However, I can at least say that these people have gone through the tests of time, geography, distance and circumstances with me. They were the ones who stuck around and well, they're the only ones who probably know me in and out. They love me despite my quirks and my flaws (like having excessively sarcastic comments that thrown during inopportune moments and like continuously nurturing a messy apartment with a poorly-functioning bathroom). I always find myself seeking refuge amongst them, my childhood friends, no matter which part of the globe they're at.

So thanks to the inventors of IDD/international text messaging, emails, international couriers and chat messengers, I feel incredibly daft thinking that once upon a time, I actually prayed to meet more friends. I already have all the friends that I need. At least I will be spoilt for choice if the time comes that I only get to have one phone call to find someone to bail me out of trouble *grin*

Here's to more deadly tuktuk rides and coronary feasts! We may live in a big world, but it sure is small enough for gossip to travel fast within friends... thank heavens! :)


Anonymous Ab said...

omg.. but why wud u wanna carry a dead body accross th room? u see that only in movies wer u kill someone accidentally....!!!

and ya, i too stopped praying for more friends! seriously!

anyways, hope yr back to blogging for good! and yaay, im the first to comment today!!!!!

8:29 PM  
Blogger Ancalagon The Black said...

Live life to the fullest ... a worthy maxim !!

9:07 PM  
Blogger Kyla Bea said...

lol I love that you're concerned about having not someone to get rid of bodies with = )

If we can have 3 or 4 true friends I think we can call ourselves truly lucky - anyone can have heaps of acquaintances, to have a few people who are really there for you is huge.

With those kinds of friends I bet they would fly to wherever you are to help you get rid of any bodies that needed disposal - and that's really priceless ;)

9:49 PM  
Blogger utopia said...

yeay my friends make all the difference. i am so glad i have the ones that i have today and i ahve ahd them for the longest time :-)!

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

... lol good writeup ... luv the look-like-rodent part, it's as plain rat, right? ... F1 tut-tut ... lol ... :D)

1:21 PM  
Blogger Lucid Darkness said...

I liked this, oh yes! ;)
"it's just unfortunate that some people have the mind of a child rather than the heart of a child."

I do empathise with you when it comes to what you wrote about friendship. I really don't know, I've come across a lot of people who're "good in small doses" but not more, and also people who are friends only for a short duration of time, after which something in the friendship changes. It either becomes one-sided or well, boring. :P

Now at least, I'm not in a position where I've just got one friend who I burden with all my quirks and crazy ideas. And I'm thankful for those who are close to me. :)

Here's to more wonderful trips with your closest friends!

12:17 AM  
Anonymous your champagne brunch date ;) said...

i stopped looking for new friends some time ago, thinking that i already have the bestest friends i'll ever need. but plenty of things happened after that, and now i know how wrong i was to not want new friends - for instance, i wouldn't be having champagne brunch with you this weekend if i'd snubbed you outright =P

12:41 AM  

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